Technology – Working for You


The Auto Park Difference

Auto Park Hawaii evolved out of customer demands for convenience along with owner requirements for efficient, effective collections and cash control. Auto Park is different! We were driven into business by customer and owner dissatisfaction with traditional systems. With Auto Park there are no gates or booth attendants. Our system uses advanced license plate recognition technology to record each license plate, digitize the number, and compare it to a database of paid monthly parkers. 

Monthly Parkers are automatically recognized and admitted without delay.

Visitors need only input their license plate number and swipe their credit card at the pay station upon arrival at the garage, unless they are being validated.

Validations – Businesses with validation accounts can validate customers via Internet by sending an email to our validation system with the license plate in the subject. Validating businesses will receive a single bill, itemizing charges, at the end of each month.

Visitors not making either one of these two arrangements for parking will receive a Citation from a roving enforcement officer who will be wirelessly notified of their unpaid vehicle in the garage.  (Yes, the cost of the citation is more than the cost of parking.) Cars of customers who ignore the citation will be towed in accordance with the posted signs. Credit card receipts are deposited directly in a distinct segregated account for each parking facility.