Tomorrow’s Technology Today !

The Auto Park Difference

Auto Park Hawaii evolved out of customer demands for convenience combined with owner requirements for efficient, effective collections and revenue control. Auto Park is different! We were driven into business by customer and owner dissatisfaction with traditional systems. With Auto Park there are no gates or booth attendants.  Our system uses advanced license plate recognition technology to recognize your vehicles

  • Monthly Parkers are automatically recognized and admitted without delay.
  • Visitors swipe their credit card after parking and confirm their license number with a single tap of the screen.  Their card is charged on exit for only the number of minutes parked. Provide your email and we will email you a receipt for every visit.
  • Validations – Businesses with validation accounts validate customers via Internet.  Validation customers receive a monthly record of cars they validated, when, by whom and for how long.

Visitors without a card-read will receive a Citation from a roving enforcement officer who will be wirelessly notified of the unpaid vehicle’s status.  Offenders not paying citations are flagged for towing on re-entering the garage and towed in accordance with local law and posted signs.

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