Harbor Square Parking Garage

Clearance for the garage is 6ft 2in


UR: $260 | RES: $425

Hourly: $8/hr | Max: $25/day

4PM+/Weekend Flatrate: $5

If you are interested in signing up for parking at Harbor Square, please download and fill out the below PDF forms using the big blue links, and then email them to

Harbor Square Parking Agreement

Harbor Square Garage Auto Pay Setup

Once your email has been sent, you will need to wait to be approved and be set up before parking in the garage.

Oceanit Center Parking Garage

Clearance for this garage is 6ft 2in

Presently, this facility is fully occupied, with additional parking only for new tenants at 126 Queen Street and Oceanit Center.

If you have just leased space at 126 Queen Street or Oceanit Center and your lease includes unused parking rights, you may inquire further by email to

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