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Auto Park Hawaii provides parking management services to property managers and parking facility owners for both commercial and residential properties. We manage  parking facilities under parking operating agreements, including office buildings, mixed use projects, residential properties, stand-alone garages.

Parking History

Largely unchanged since the middle ages, Parking, is the business that time (and technology) forgot. The typical parking business model is based on low paid employees, pass-through of the parking manager’s operating costs to the garage owner and uncertain cash controls.  It is clerically intensive with parking patrons paying cash or mailing monthly checks and inefficient clerical procedures manually recording everything on deposit slips and journals. 

Companies wishing to validate their customers are forever buying, peeling and sticking validations in the back of parking stubs, all of which had to be checked and accounted for.  From the parking patron’s perspective, the business model required them to wait in line behind other vehicles to exit, and stop to waive an access card at a machine to enter. On the way out, executives late for meetings, are often subjected to waiting behind visitors fumbling for exact change or chatting with an attendant.

Owners are besieged with calls from irate parkers about everything from “gate wait” to parking rage from malfunctioning equipment damaging their cars.  Emerging parking technologies are fragmented. Some offered systems for transient parking, while others only served monthly operations. The industry has long lacked a comprehensive system for efficiently handling visitor, validated and monthly parking.

This is where our modern technology comes in. AutoPark Hawaii’s advanced LPR system will automatically track license plates entering and exiting, designating anyone who is not either validated by a client, registered for monthly parking, or paid for in transient parking, so they can be easily found and identified, with parking being quickly enforced.


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